Monday, November 1, 2010

Mag-Shot: Almost!

I'm not into fashion magazines. And I'm really a spaz when it comes to dressing up and matching clothes with accessories. I don't consciously follow trends and my rule has always been to dress comfortably no matter what the occasion. But when I started seeing people in what-used-to-be my tiny geek world, dress up as our favorite anime and game characters (a.k.a the art of Cosplay) I began to develop interest in other people's ability to expressively wear their personality. Art has always fascinated me (in the traditional and classical form) but I never really saw fashion as another avenue where art could creatively and magically flow. Suddenly, color combinations and accessories mattered to me. I'd even spend a significant amount of time online reading about fashion trends just so I'd know. I still didn't have the inkling to totally immerse myself into that girly world (anime and books came first of course). But I was contented with just knowing what was in and what's considered to be so last season. Back then, it was Tokyo street fashion, then I discovered pink, and of course fashion trends in Europe and other fashion capitals of the world -- all this happening while the cosplay subculture in the country is slowly beginning to draw a large audience share.

Then came the cosplay phenomenon that is Alodia Gosiengfiao. So many people don't really admit it but Alodia and her personal brand in niche modelling (whatever you may want to call it) is greatly responsible for making cosplay a profitable venture and thus, getting it some mainstream media attention. And because I was so smitten by her (in a non-creepy way if I may add), I followed her blog. Sure, we were both from Anime Club but we were not really in the same circles. I got to know more about her through her blog and during conventions and also through the people I've worked with. I also checked out the stuff she was in and the things she's endorsing. That's when I got to know of a certain fashion magazine for teenagers. 

Alodia was featured in the said magazine and I wanted to see what she was like away from the cosplay world. I wasn't really planning on purchasing the said magazine but upon reaching National Bookstore some unknown force prompted me to just go ahead and buy the issue she was featured in. As I began browsing through the pages of the said mag, I realized how useful most of the features were and without knowing, I actually was able to read the whole thing even the fashion features and was fascinated. Sure, since it's for teens some stuff that were in their were a bit cliche but I didn't really minds. And before I even began to notice, I started buying issue after issue. That was when I realized that my love affair with said mag has truly begun and was blossoming. I later decided to e-mail the editor of the said mag to share my story. I wasn't really expecting anything from it. But then one fateful day after a stressful thesis meeting, I got an e-mail that is from I was in a total shock. Why on earth would she be responding to my e-mail? Then I read what was inside and I almost literally fell off my seat. The editor said she liked my story and she wanted to give me a full-page feature. Apparently she liked my writing and doesn't want the whole thing published just in the editor's corner. She even gave me her personal yahoo messenger user ID so we can chat about what she wanted to accomplish with the page. She said the other magazine staff were interested in doing the feature and if everything goes well, my article will be featured and I'd be getting a share of the spotlight as well.

It would have been a great opportunity but I blew it. After that brief exchange, I got sick and went through what I still consider as the worst days of my life: thesis problem, a traumatic breakup and trouble with certain commitments. I was never able to get back to the magazine people. The moment I did, I received an e-mail that the editor who wanted to do my feature has resigned. I actually even bought the last issue that she was still the EIC to. And even until now, the poem she posted in her goodbye message is tacked on my wall reminding me that my deepest fear is not that "I'm inadequate". That has been an inspiration to me. 

The magazine has never been the same after she left so I generally stopped subscribing. And no I wasn't bitter; it's just that the magazine has taken on a different route. Whatever substance and depth I saw before has been replaced by the glitz and glamor of local showbiz and Hollywood. Or maybe I've changed. I don't know but even though the project didn't materialize, I was a better person after that experience.

I was able to work with another magazine after that. My life has taken on a different direction now and I'm interested in a lot of different things too. God has poured out so much passion for so many things in my heart today that the journey despite being bumpy has been such an amazing ride. I never really shared this with anyone but since I'm reaching another milestone in my life, I guess now is the time to tell this story.

And despite the popularity of online media and publications, I believe print is not dead and will live on. I'll be supporting that despite my longing for a Kindle. Hehe. So above is an ode to the printed word -- a lovely video from Anthology Magazine

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