Saturday, March 12, 2011


Adam Lambert's Aftermath (acoustic version) has been on a constant replay both in my mind and on my iPod. Our city is along a coastline and we were in the middle of conducting a High School recollection when the Tsunami Alert Level II was issued and everyone was asked to immediately leave the school premises and run for safety. A little exaggeration there but there actually was a mild panic yesterday especially in the low-lying areas of our city. And we were really asked to leave and postpone for the nth time the scheduled recollection. I had to break the news to the students in the middle of our getting-to-know session and I was asked by a rather panicky teacher not to make the students panic. So I made the announcement and prayed over everyone for comfort and peace knowing that God is sovereign. If it was His will that we be spared, then all's good. However, if it truly is His will that we experience nature's wrath then I hold on to His promise that He will never leave nor forsake us.

The tsunami came and went. Thankfully, we were spared because the waves that hit us were no more than a meter high. But the devastation in Japan is heart-wrenching. It makes me really sad to know that the city/town of Sendai was badly hit too. That city holds a special place in my heart because my Dad bought me a wooden Sendai doll when I was a little girl and I've always wanted to check out the city in the future someday. But, in the aftermath of all this tragedy, I am reminded by Adam Lambert in is fantastic vocals, that we are not alone. And so, even though this song is about identity and self-acceptance which is what Adam's charity is all about, I dedicate it to the country and people I love so much. The song reminds us of LOVE. Love that will make us rise again and remind us that indeed in the aftermath, WE ARE NOT ALONE.


  1. wow, i love that song! it's so meaningful! :)

    thank God that we are all safe here in the Philippines.

    let us pray for the world!

  2. inspirational song!
    oh my goddd. i still can't get over what happened to Sendai. the moment i've heard about the news i thought "OMG what about the anime series!?" and then "OMG our relatives!!!" :( it's so sad...

  3. I love that song. <3

    Thank God nothing grave happened to the Philippines. I hope Japan would be okay soon, though.

    Let's all pray for the world. :)

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