Monday, March 28, 2011

Defense + Summer

I can almost smell the summer breeze. I've taken yet another hiatus and this is because my students are going through their final defense for the first part of their research study. I used to hate this part of the school year when I was a student. Every year there seems to be one important paper that will make or break you. And if you're graduating that's triple the pressure because there is no next semester for a chance at a rebound nor will there be removals. There are countless of sleepless nights and cup noodle-dinner days that you'd have to endure to get to the finish line. I was looking forward to becoming one of the advisers whom in my opinion before would just sit down, eat (some cases I've seen), and critique. But I was dead wrong.

This is my first taste of becoming one and it's driving me crazy. Seven groups are under me right now and I have to guide them every step of the way. And my OC-ness is kicking in too plus the pressure of doing this the first time. Most of the advisers have known the panelists for quite a while now (apparently they're the same panelists every year) and they know what exactly to expect. They said that the panelists ask almost the same questions so the others know what to anticipate. But here I am groping in the dark. Hopefully I've given enough and done enough for my students. It doesn't help too that most of them are such scaredy cats. I told them to trust themselves by trusting God. It was a nice opportunity to pray for them and remind them that God desires that they prosper and have a future. First defense officially commences tomorrow. And since I am the first adviser to help my students finish their papers, all groups under me are going on their defense earlier than everyone else. So tonight I'll be coaching and praying. God bless us all!


  1. Wow. One big event you got here. I hope everything turned out to be awesome. :D Take care!

  2. Hi Ate Jais OMG BEEN SO LONG!! I hope you come back to blog! wow you're a teacher of what grade/year already? That is awesome but wow it's soo hectic and being a teacher is hard but rewarding. Am sure you're a good one!

    Miss reading your blog!! take care!!

  3. Hello there! Sorry if it took a while before I could do something about the online magazine. I saw your comment, and if you're still willing to help me out, I'd like to ask you a favor. Are you free on Sunday, April 10, 8PM? If yes, let's do some mini-meeting together with the other people who are willing to help me out on the online magazine. Just reply to through my latest blog post or through email(, and if you have questions, feel free to ask. :)


  4. Wow you're a prof? :) That's nice! :) And you're also their research adviser? Wow. Hope you'd make it through that busy-ness, I know it will be worth it! :)

  5. yer a prof ? cooooool :D haha. mm, i really hate the defense part too :) especially when i have to do all the talking stuffs. lol :D



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