Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I've recently posted some nasty stuff on Facebook commenting on certain people's show of "attitude" both online and offline. Kids these days think they're way cooler when they call themselves "bitches" and "bastards" and refer to each other with such endearments. Yet, when the words are actually uttered in their truest sense, they get insulted and parade all their "drama queen antics" all over Facebook or to anyone who'd want to listen as if they're the most important people in the world. They're just so full of themselves and it gets to me sometimes and mind you, I don't easily get annoyed especially since I do handle lots of people on a day to day basis. To those of you wondering, I work as a part-time college instructor in a private college here. I teach marketing, economics and a bit of literature. Only the fun stuff. Hehe!

So anyway, I've come to realize that in a world that teaches us that life is a race, people will inevitably run fast to get ahead of each other. It doesn't even matter if they knew what actual race they're on or what they're racing against and what they do to get past another. As long as people tell them they have a time to limit to do something, they will run. I see that everyday among friends, students, even colleagues. No one pauses. And because life is a race, people have made up thousands of ridiculous ways to get ahead. It doesn't even matter who they hurt and what kind of evil monster they've turned themselves into. Plus people think you'll run faster if you stand out and so many people come up with insane ways to rebel against status quo not minding the kind of legacy they're leaving to the world. It's a cookie-cutter world they say and it pays not to follow the mold. So everyday, people do everything they can the get out of the mold not realizing everyone else is doing the same. 

And what do you get after all these struggles? Exhausted people. People who run through life half-asleep. People who no longer smell the air and feel the breeze. People who go out on the beach and yet go home more exhausted than they've ever been. Then you get couples who need thousands of adrenaline-rush activities to do together to bond and stay in their idea of a marriage. This is the society we've created because we unwittingly run a race that does not even exist.

I was once that kind of person. Everyday it's a struggle to see people running past me in my own idea of a race. So what do I do? I give everyone attitude, pretending that I loved my life and having that "to hell with the world" mantra. I thought I was cooler that way. Then I realized what a lame poser I was, being a bad ass when all I wanted was some signal, some recognition that I actually mattered. Isn't that why we're struggling to be different than everyone else? 

Then I encountered Jesus. Jesus, who chose to love me and all of me without any condition; and who loved me anyway despite all my excesses and shortcomings. Jesus' life has been marked with love. He tells us that to genuinely love a person is to give them love even if they don't deserve it. He also reminds us that to truly love Him and His Father, is to always, always act in love. It doesn't matter what you get out of it. He said it is easy to love lovable people but what about your enemies? Can you love those that hurt you and those that don't necessarily matter to you? When He gave His life, it was for EVERYONE. It doesn't matter if people receive His love or not, He gives it anyway. 

So this sunny season, may we reflect on what kind of life we are living. Are we running too fast or is life a leisure walk in the park? Do you actually enjoy every waking moment because you do or you need to see someone else's misery in order to be happy? An idiot (from the Bollywood Film 3 Idiots, which is another story) once said, don't run after success; instead, be passionate about what you do and strive for excellence so that success will run after you. I choose to honor God this way, and experience Jesus' love this way -- to never settle for mediocrity because He died so I can live a life worthy of heaven while here on earth. I don't need to stand out because my Father in heaven knows that I do. So I will embrace each opportunity to get to know of His love deeper and let others experience that as well.


  1. I really like this post. :) And I totally agree with you.

    BTW, good luck on your work! :D

  2. Very well written Jais. I love it :)



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