Friday, July 2, 2010

Home Decorating, Indie Films, Medieval Music

I've been dormant  for nearly three years in the world wide web. Not that anyone would notice nor care really; but since I'm devoid of anything profound to say, I just want to announce that I am back or at least I plan to create an online presence starting today.

It was way back in 2007 since I last maintained both a blog and a site. Back then, I didn't have a definite purpose other than to keep an online diary where I would speak to myself (which often helps in my quest to make sense of everything around me). But real life suddenly took a hold of me (almost drowning me at some points) so writing became a struggle rather than something therapeutic. Between then and now, I've learned so many new things about the things I am able to directly perceive. But more importantly, I've discovered a lot about who I am. Starting from this post and in some later I'll be sharing some of the things I've come to love/like and explore with a sense of wonder. I guess in a way they make me see life a little bit brighter; definitely drops of sunshine in my cup!
  1.  I'm a sucker for DIY projects and interior decorating makes my heart beat faster. I recently fell in love with Apartment Therapy.The site has been around for a while now and I feel kind of a loser for having discovered it only now. But I'm glad I did. I now have a zillion ideas on what to do with our future house so we ought to seriously start saving soon. To put certain DIY's to practice, I did do some renovations to our "command center" at work but the walls and lighting still need a lot of work. I will be posting pictures of that soon.
  2. I've gotten into "indie films" with Ryan these past few months. We've seen a lot of movies (we actually have movie night every night). I guess I got tired of the usual Hollywood stuff so getting into the indie spirit has given the two of us interesting new perspectives about everything, even death. I love the treatment they give to these films, especially the storytelling and the cinematography -- aspects I often find somewhat lacking in most Hollywood films (even those people have declared to be profound). These are some of the current faves (will probably be talking about each one of them a little later):
Elvis and Annabelle MovieTen Inch Hero MovieI'm Reed Fish Movie

3. I've discovered Heather Dale and my fascination for medieval - themed songs such as Mordred's Lullaby: We have decided to do a medieval wedding. It's close to impossible to pull off especially here in our sleepy little city, but we are just as determined.

This song is kind of a lullaby to me as well even if the lyrics are so depressing. Heather's voice and storytelling are so powerful that I can't help but be drawn in. Somehow I feel Morgan/Morgana's pain and probably the loathing she has for Mordred's father (in most legends they say it's King Arthur). Even in her son's lullaby she talks about his loyalty that must only be to her. They are both so destroyed not knowing their place in the great destiny that was actually laid before them. It's sad when you choose to harness your potential for evil; but it is sadder to know that you decided to do that because evil got to you first.

I still have a whole lot more but it's almost 5:00 a.m. so I'm ending with the lullaby above. More cups of sunshine for everyone, next time!

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