Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Desk Journal 1, Ukay Finds, Second Hand Stuff

Been in agony for the past two days cleaning and sorting out stuff that I've accumulated for a while now. I've thrown out like a heap of junk (with due consideration of course to those that can still be DIY-ed to form other interesting decors or used in the work office/ministry center office) already but it's still surprising to see so many stuff left! I particularly needed to organize my desk because I do a lot of writing in my room which is very crucial to the freelance stuff that I do. Anyway, I know this state of calm in my room wouldn't last for more that two days so I needed to document just to remind myself that yes, at times, I am capable of some sort of order. So here goes:

These are the stuff behind my laptop (which you will see later). Hate the lighting but this is actually the best it can get with the equipment I have. I seriously need to do something about the lighting of this room. I replace bulbs like every month plus only two out of four dimmer bulbs actually work! There are electrical issues that need to be fixed but we still don't have the budget for it as of this time. So as you can see, I have an assortment of pens and pencils. I just love looking at them. The feather Death Note pen is out of place but I have nowhere else to put it. Meanwhile, the papyrus Egyptian painting are gifts from the former Mayor. They're precious to me even if they're normal tourist souvenirs from Egypt (he went for a conference on good governance). The Mayor gave them to me after the work I did for one of his speech-presentations. Both clocks (pink and yellow Belldandy) don't have batteries right now (I don't really use them anyway). They were all given to me. On the other hand, I got the picture frames from Christmas Parties (I always get frames!).

My old Jigglypuff (laptop) still works wonders for me despite the shabby appearance. Hello kitties on the right side of the desk; all given to me either as (speaking engagement) tokens or as gifts. There's one there given by one of my younger cousins because she said she wanted to add to my collection (cute!).

This area is where the speakers should go but I don't have huge speakers right now so I converted this into a picture board. Random photos of me and Ry, my family, college friends, pre-school friends, and other stuff. The pink dolphin study lamp is again a gift from my friends Grace and Ram. The Majin Buu ash tray serves as storage for certain accessories. Got it from Comic Alley (haha I do buy something once in a while) from way back in college! It was on sale and extremely cute so I bought it immediately! The tiny Hello Kitty creatures are from Davao. I can't remember when or why I bought them but my cousin Jacqui loves playing "pretend" with them when she's here in my room. We'd tell stories using them as characters so they serve a purpose.The purple M&M plushie and the American Idol toy beside it is from a package sent by our mother church, TPCWOC. Hehe asked it from one of the kids (the original recipients of the package) and replaced them with bigger presents.
My anime loot. I don't have the best stuff in the world but love all of 'em as they are once again gifts! The comic party figure in particular (the only original figure here) is from the peeps from Otakuzine. The gashapons (Bleach, Naruto and Death Note) are from Ryan and Earvin. The puzzles are gifts from Kuya Cocoy and Ate Lotlot (of Child Evangelism Fellowship) who saw anime stuff during their trip to Malaysia and remembered me!

The other table where most of my paperwork go (underneath and they're a mess so I'm not showing them. Haha!) So what I have here are ukay finds! I love things with character and I've had a long time love affair with bargain shopping. Charity (the porcelain doll) is a purchase from an antique store in Cebu. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her. The Japanese doll house (or at least half of it) is a find in the Japanese surplus store in Cagayan de Oro. My mom and I frequent surplus shop for great finds! She has like a tone of ceramic and porcelain stuff from these stores. By the way, we also bought a Roland piano from one of these Japanese surplus stores for only Php23,000! Checked the price of it online and found out that it's current market price is at least Php150,000! Earvin, my brother who play the piano, almost collapsed upon getting it. And those that you see there are original Louis Vuitton and Ferragamo bags and clutches. Oh the other brown one is a vintage Gucci. And guess what, they're ukay finds! People from all over the place have offered to buy them from me, but no way man! I should probably get dust bags from them though. Hehe! There's more hello kitty stuff there (gifts again) and my colorful bible (a gift from my college buddy, Rhea during my 20th birthday!). Every page is indeed life!

This is the shelf above the desk. The plushies above are my purchases from different anime conventions. The Japanese kokeshi doll is from my Pop. He studied in Japan for a while and brought home what I thought was the weirdest doll I've seen that time. The Harry Potter figure (which is actually a bottled liquid soap) is an original souvenir from Warner Brothers sold during the first Harry Potter movie debut in London! My Aunt gave it to me way back in 2002 or whenever the Sorcerer's Stone movie came out.

And last but not least, the airconditioner area that doubles as a dresser. I'm on a Herbalife diet by the way and it has worked wonders for me. More plushies and some of the stuff I use.

So there you have it! I'm still re-decorating the other parts of my room and my bed is still in chaos right now. Once I'm done, I'll prolly post pictures. Still surfing the net for lighting ideas. Help!

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