Thursday, July 29, 2010


So it's a little crazy for me this week. So many things to do and read. I have to come up with a marketing campaign, prepare for a seminar, come up with graphic designs (I don't do them; I just conceptualize how they're supposed to look and the artist and I have good chemistry) and write tons of papers! Plus, there are essays I need to grade. So that's me studying my seminar materials and trying to grade essay papers all at the same time. When I get bored reading my students' essays I study my seminar notes. That way you don't waste time staring into space wondering why on earth your student wrote what he/she wrote and expect you to NOT GIVE him/her a big fat F for his/her gobbledygook. Doing two things at the same time also makes it less boring. Haha! And yes, I try to stay away from the computer while studying and making the grades; but apparently here I am again. So just a short update. I have to get back to that other table like NOW.


  1. Based on the stick drawing, mukang nahihirapan ka ate jais =))

  2. Haha! Wag kang mayabang. Alam ko magaling ka magdrawing. Huhuhu! Kanya-kanyang trip yan. Haha!

  3. Wow, busy, busy... Good luck getting it all done!

  4. Hi!
    First I need to thank you for the comment on my blog, I loved!
    And aswer you, Yes I think we can to exchange links!! I link you :)

    and good luck with your work, I wait for more updates!

  5. Kaya mo yan sis. Aja! :)

  6. love the drawing above!Pretty cool` :)
    You seems very busy, Good luck and I hope everything goes well w/ your plans <3



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