Monday, July 19, 2010

Surigao City Weather

I used to hate the second half of the year. Even if our country is in the tropical region, our little city in the south had it bad during these times. June to December was always characterized by either typhoons or heavy downpours (without the wind). Flying debris have actually become a typical site here. Aside from that, it's difficult to get out of bed as it was almost always cold (for a tropical region I mean). And since some parts of the city had pour drainage systems, you can always expect them to be flooding. So before daily weather for Surigao City was a toss up between the following:

However, something's become really strange here. June has come and gone and there's not been a slightest drizzle. Not to mention we've had terrible power outages because the water level in the biggest hydroelectric plant in this area of the country has gone down to its critical level. Apparently, this is global warming touching base. So after its onset, weather patterns here have turned to this:

I used to sing the "rain rain go away" song before. But now I miss it terribly that I forgot what it sounds like, tastes like (ah yes!), smells like (oh the wet earth) and looks like (the cool little needles of water!). Rain, rain please come again before I lose all my weight simmering in the sun.

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